Fishfinder Know How

A great type of a Fathometer and an efficient implementation of the SONAR mechanism are fishfinders that is used for several purposes ranging from scientific research to even for sport fishing activities. Unlike the earlier working of this display mechanism that was there, fish finders nowadays are largely used for navigation and safety. It represents all the structures that are there in the water in a graphical form and as it charts the surface underneath the water, it displays the fish that are there in special symbols, which are identifiable.

These kinds of instruments are easily available from various companies who provide with cutting edge technology among the portable fishfinders. When one is buying a fish finder, they need to be aware of the type of fishing activity that one will be engaging themselves in, whether sport or commercial etc. These devices can hence be either portable or can be fixed with a GPS mechanism for users who usually only fish in similar areas. Portable fish finders are ideal for the people who often move around a lot and fish in various areas. All major brands of global positioning devices have such devices in the market and you can buy them pretty easily online.

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Garmin Fishfinder 160C

Fish finders are a kind of Fathometer, which is both specialized type of echo-sounding system, a form of SONAR. Active Sonar's are used by fishermen to detect fish and display them on a graphic display device and also to detect 'the bottom'; mostly it would be on CTR or even an LCD screen.

Here is a kind of fish-finder that could be best for you for your fishing expedition. The Fish finder 160C is a quality product from Garmin that is an affordable color sonar, made especially for recreational fishing; anywhere the fishing is done mostly in fresh water (i.e., lakes rivers, etc). The bottom information and fish returns are very clearly visible on the sunlight readable, bright color display, which makes it easier to scout below the surface and chalk out your areas of interest.

The Fish finder's 160C also offer an improved shallow water reading with the help of its dual beam transducer operation. The 160C has been made to withstand the toughest of weathers, as it is waterproof and rugged, not unlike most other Garmin Fish Finders. The main features in the Fish finder 160C include a 16color CSTN display, 4.5 inch diagonal, 3.2 "W x 3.2" H, 128 x 130 pixel; CCFL backlight in the display.

FISHFINDERS: What are they?


Fishfinders are echo-sounding systems, which are used to track down fishes in the oceans using active SONAR technology. These devices are basically used to locate the whereabouts of large groups of fishes as well as find out the floor of the ocean. It sends out SONAR rays into the water. As soon as the rays strike up a group of fish, they travel back to the fishfinder and images get displayed on the screen.

A modern fishfinder has a LCD or a CRT screen on which the images are displayed graphically. A fishfinder uses GPS technology, digital plotting of chart, electronic and compass displays, etc.

Fishfinders are portable devices, which makes it easy to operate by fishermen. These devices generally display an image of a fish on the screen to explain that it has detected the presence of fish. Many modern fishfinders are also capable of showing how many dead fish and how many live fish can be found in a particular area. The devices can be used to check the presence of rocks or seaweeds in the seabed. Using a special system of detection of finding the fingerprint using echo signals does this. This device is of great help to fishermen.

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